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Image credit: Pantone

Pantone’s Peach Fuzz

Pantone’s unveiling of 13-1023 Peach Fuzz as the 2024 colour of the year signals a unique blend of warmth and modern elegance, fostering a connection between the timeless and the contemporary. Described as a velvety peach tone, Peach Fuzz symbolizes closeness, empathy, and moments of quietude. Recommended for packaging, multimedia, interior design, and beauty, it […]

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Image credit: NHM

NHM: A Leap into Dynamic Relevance

The transformation Natural History Museum’s (NHM) identity offers an insightful lesson in rejuvenating a heritage institution. The rebrand strategically aligns the museum as an ‘active catalyst’, encouraging visitor advocacy for the planet. The logo, a fluid circular symbol, underscores interconnectedness in nature, while the colour scheme—primarily lime yellow and brown—mirrors the diverse natural elements housed

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Image credit: BBC Nordic

BBC Nordic Identity Inspired by Light Refraction

BBC Nordic has created a new brand identity, drawing inspiration from the way light refracts through a prism. Using insights from the channel’s Scandinavian audience, design studio Weareseventeen developed the brand idea “The Bright Side” with three brand principles: “Warm Connections,” “Illuminating Moments,” and “Cultivating Contrasts.”. The core asset for the brand is a diagonal

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Image credit: Fanta

Fanta gets a Refresh

Fanta, owned by Coca-Cola, has revealed its first-ever global brand identity with a fresh design system aimed at bringing consistency to its packaging worldwide. The custom typeface adds unique wonky angles and proportions, giving Fanta a distinct and memorable typographic style. The expanded colour palette allows for greater versatility in showcasing the various flavours of

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