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Pepsi’s 125th Birthday Bash

Pepsi, the iconic cola brand, is gearing up for its 125th birthday with a grand celebration that blends nostalgia with innovation. The festivities include an updated logo, immersive activations, media takeovers, and giveaways spanning 125 days. Leveraging this milestone, gives Pepsi the opportunity to remind us all of it’s long history and dynamic future.

Pepsi’s logo refresh emphasizes brand renewal while preserving its essence, infusing packaging with a modern and vibrant appeal.

“The Pepsi 125 Diner” immerses diners in the brand’s history, bridging the past and contemporary tastes through recreated commercial sets.

The 125-day celebration highlights the value of engaging and rewarding loyal customers, fostering community and appreciation through giveaways, media takeovers, and interactive experiences.

Pepsi’s 125th birthday celebration is more than just a party; it’s a masterclass in brand evolution, nostalgia-driven marketing, and customer engagement.

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