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Image credit: Airbnb

Airbnb’s Brand-First Approach

Airbnb underwent a strategic shift from performance marketing to brand-centric campaigns. The pandemic severely impacted the travel industry, causing Airbnb to lose about 80% of its business. This prompted the company to reimagine itself, emphasizing the importance of branding and design.

Airbnb’s new approach involved investing in product development to highlight unique features and differentiate itself in a competitive market. This included creating categories for different types of stays and telling the stories of travellers staying in these unique accommodations.

The strategy paid off as Airbnb’s traffic levels rebounded, reaching 95% of pre-pandemic levels. The brand’s commitment to integrating product and marketing, along with a focus on reliability and global expansion, positions it for continued success in the evolving travel industry. This transformation showcases the power of branding in times of crisis and the importance of aligning product development with marketing efforts.

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