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Image Credit: Heinz/Absolut

Heinz and Absolut team up for Viral Pasta Sauce

Heinz has partnered with Absolut Vodka to create a limited-edition range of pasta sauces in the UK, capitalizing on the viral social media trend of the vodka pasta recipe that Gigi Hadid made famous in 2020.

The accompanying campaign, which draws inspiration from 1980s Absolut ads, will feature OOH elements in London, along with social media promotion using the hashtag #AbsolutelyHeinz

The collaboration aims to capitalize on consumer interest in elevated food offerings and nostalgia for the 80s, while also representing a sense of fun. The campaign features the new sauce bottle and Absolut bottle silhouette, potentially driving sales for both well-known brands.

This collaboration shows new ways to partner with established brands in different industries to create buzz and extend their reach. By tapping into current trends and consumer interests, companies can keep their products fresh and relevant, and continue to innovate and delight their customers.

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