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Image Credit: Lamborghini

Revitalizing Tradition: Lamborghini’s Iconic Rebrand

Luxury automotive powerhouse Automobili Lamborghini unveils a striking new logo and visual identity, marking a significant departure from its iconic emblem of the past two decades. Here’s what sets this rebrand apart: This case underscores the importance of balancing tradition with innovation, as Lamborghini embarks on a new chapter defined by sustainability and visionary leadership. […]

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Image Credit: WMG

WMG’s Harmonious Rebrand

Warner Music Group (WMG) unveils a dynamic new brand identity crafted by Pentagram, blending heritage with contemporary flair under the guiding ethos of “Vision and Voice.” Here’s what sets this rebrand apart: This case underscores the importance of evolving brand identities to reflect both heritage and contemporary values, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with

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Image credit: Gush

Gush’s Eco-Innovation

Pentagram’s Eddie Opara orchestrates a transformative rebrand for Gush, the pioneer behind air-purifying paint, merging sustainability with contemporary design in a striking visual narrative. Here’s what sets this project apart: Symbolic Integration: The rebrand centers around a circular motif symbolizing molecules uniting, reflecting Gush’s core mission of environmental stewardship. This motif permeates the brand identity,

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Image credit: NHM

NHM: A Leap into Dynamic Relevance

The transformation Natural History Museum’s (NHM) identity offers an insightful lesson in rejuvenating a heritage institution. The rebrand strategically aligns the museum as an ‘active catalyst’, encouraging visitor advocacy for the planet. The logo, a fluid circular symbol, underscores interconnectedness in nature, while the colour scheme—primarily lime yellow and brown—mirrors the diverse natural elements housed

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Image credit: Campari

Campari’s New Milano Makeover

Italian aperitivo brand Campari’s recent rebrand effectively marries tradition with modernity. Echoing Milanese architecture, the new canneté bottle design bolsters the brand’s distinctive allure and enhances shelf presence. The downsized label, featuring the founder’s signature, spotlights Campari’s unique red colour, underlining craftsmanship and authority. To keep the brand fresh and cosmopolitan, the colour palette incorporates

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Image credit: Le Shuttle

LeShuttle’s Rebrand: The Future of Green Travel

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle has propelled into a new era with a comprehensive rebrand – the largest since its inception 30 years ago. Renamed simply ‘LeShuttle,’ the revamp pivots on clarity and simplicity, aiming to dispel public confusion about the service and effectively engage newer audiences. The updated logo embodies speed, efficiency, and care, setting LeShuttle

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