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Image credit: Gush

Gush’s Eco-Innovation

Pentagram’s Eddie Opara orchestrates a transformative rebrand for Gush, the pioneer behind air-purifying paint, merging sustainability with contemporary design in a striking visual narrative. Here’s what sets this project apart:

Symbolic Integration: The rebrand centers around a circular motif symbolizing molecules uniting, reflecting Gush’s core mission of environmental stewardship. This motif permeates the brand identity, from the logo to motion graphics, embodying the brand’s purifying essence.
Illustrative Narrative: Max Guther’s hyperreal isometric illustrations infuse domestic scenes with a surreal Sims-like quality, reinforcing Gush’s products’ role in creating a harmonious home environment. This unexpected artistic approach adds depth and resonance to the brand’s story.
Eco-Innovation: Piotr Woronkowicz’s redesign of Gush’s paint packaging marks a pioneering shift towards sustainability, replacing traditional metal containers with molded paper trays and biodegradable acetate plastic bags. This move not only reduces waste but also aligns with Gush’s commitment to eco-conscious practices.

This case underscores the power of purposeful branding, where design not only communicates values but also embodies them. By integrating symbolism, narrative, and innovation, brands can create identities that resonate deeply with consumers while advancing their core mission of sustainability and social responsibility.

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