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Why people are so quick to forget Uber’s sins​

Last week, Uber faced another PR disaster after leaked files revealed the company had duped police and bribed governments. This is just one story in a string of scandals, all of which should have left the brand in tatters – and yet Uber is not only surviving, but thriving.

Data obtained from YouGov has shown that for the past six years consumers have been hearing negative stories about the brand, and its brand reputation scores have been entirely negative, reaching their all-time low in 2018.However, Uber’s brand consideration has been on a constant upward trajectory during that same time. Customer satisfaction and willingness to use the Uber app have also been on the rise in the last six years; customers are even more likely to recommend the app today.

‘Customer satisfaction breeds forgiveness and lowers the likelihood of brand-switching’ says Michela Graci, the strategy partner at Coley Porter Bell. People are loyal to brands they ‘recognize and are satisfied with, sometimes despite their faults’.

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