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Microsoft renames Bing Chat to Copilot

Microsoft renamed its AI chatbot from Bing Chat to Copilot, competing directly with ChatGPT, attempting to reposition the AI assistant landscape.

Bing Chat evolves into Copilot, aiming to challenge ChatGPT’s dominance in the AI chatbot sphere, following OpenAI’s revelation of 100 million weekly ChatGPT users.

Microsoft positions Copilot as a competitive choice for both consumers and businesses, marking a departure from its initial Bing-centric AI approach.

Copilot now offers a free version accessible via, with a paid option for Microsoft 365 users, accessible through an Entra ID for business and Microsoft Account for consumers.

Microsoft’s shift from Bing Chat to Copilot signifies the importance of adaptability and direct competition to secure market share in the AI assistant domain. The move highlights the necessity for continuous evolution and agile repositioning to stay competitive in an industry dominated by established players like Google.

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