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Image credit: Deezer

Deezer’s Dynamic Identity

Deezer’s new identity orchestrates a visual story attuned to the heartbeats of music genres. Central to this overhaul is a pulsating heart logo, mirroring musical rhythms and evolving through two dynamic states, embodying the user’s experience.

The Pulsating Heart Logo is designed to encapsulate love for music, and belongingness within the Deezer experience. It embodies musical beats and rhythms and evolves, mirroring the user’s interaction with the platform.

The Deezer typeface draws inspiration from the logo’s shapes, offering a spectrum of widths to suit diverse brand applications, from marketing materials to playlist covers.

Focused on artists and fans, the brand’s visual direction showcases a “centre of frame” approach, high-contrast photography, and a subtle fisheye effect, capturing the essence and energy of musical expression.

 By making the logo and design responsive to the music’s rhythms, Deezer creates an immersive journey for its audience, harmonizing design with the user’s musical encounters.

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