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Image credit: The Kraft Heinz Company

Heinz unveils plans for paper ketchup bottles

Kraft Heinz is working with sustainable packaging technology company, Pulpex, to create a renewable and recyclable ketchup bottle made out of 100% sustainably sourced wood pulp.

Heinz has a goal of making all of its packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025 and Heinz Ketchup is the first condiment brand to test the potential of paper bottle packaging.

The paper bottles have a 90% lower carbon footprint than glass and 30% lower than PET, on a bottle-by-bottle basis.

At a time where brands across the globe are looking for more environmentally-friendly packaging, Heinz might be willing to give their iconic glass bottle away to make the switch that is right for the environment. This indicates a packaging trend to watch out for in the B2C product space, and how the in-store shelf is changing.

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