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Image credit: Brilliant Planet

Brilliant Planet: Redefining Sustainability

Brilliant Planet’s new brand identity is a revolutionary departure from the clichéd green logos and leaf motifs that often adorn sustainability branding. It draws inspiration from modern environmental publications and scientific white papers, turning algae into an animated symbol of growth at a cellular level.

The new design merges macro and micro elements, creating a brand that exudes scientific rigor while avoiding tired eco-tropes.

The brand strikes a unique balance between optimism and seriousness, avoiding scare tactics in favour of concrete actions and measurable results. The brand’s colours, drawn from the sea, algae ponds, and the Moroccan desert, root Brilliant Planet in a specific place and set it apart from other decarbonization brands.

Sustainability branding can be redefined by departing from clichés, emphasizing science, conveying optimism through action, and connecting the brand to its unique locale. In a saturated environmental messaging landscape, authenticity and innovation still shine through.

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