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Amazon Fresh, analysing their CVP

Earlier this year, Amazon Fresh opened 6 physical stores across London with ambitions to become a scaled national grocery retailer.

The proposition is a convenience format with ‘Just Walk Out’ technology, aiming to meet customers ‘top-up, food-for-now, and food-for-later’ shopping missions

With a broad set of competitors across food-to-go and grocery retailers, Amazon Fresh needs to have a relevant, differentiating, and authentic Value Proposition that helps customers understand why they should choose Amazon Fresh over their competitors

Amazon Fresh is offering a digitally integrated grocery shopping experience that is efficient and saves customers their time like no other. This allows Amazon to position themselves as a truly omichannel player keeping true to their core competencies as a digital retailer which is ultimately all about being able to offer convenience. The question is whether consumers are actually ready for this level of technology…we’ll soon find out.

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