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Image credit: Aramco

Aramco launches new lubricant brand: Orizon

Aramco has made its entry into Saudi Arabia’s domestic lubricants market by offering consumers a new line of lubricant products under the ORIZON® brand.

The launch was timed to coincide with the inaugural Formula 1 Grand Prix in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and its packaging features the F1 logo as part of Aramco’s overall activation of its global sponsorship.

To provide further credibility for the new range, Aramco lists brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and VW as OEMs whose standards the products meet as well as international bodies such as API (American Petroleum Institute) and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) implying endorsement by association.

Making references to well known brands and trade associations helps to position a new brand in the marketplace even if there is no formal relationship in place. However, challenges may come when companies’ take their brands into the international market and their connections are scrutinized in more detail.

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