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Image credit: Deliveroo

Deliveroo’s Evolved Brand Identity

In a strategic move to maintain its competitive edge and ensure creative consistency across its ten local markets, Deliveroo has unveiled an evolved brand identity. This strategic update preserves the brand’s core elements while injecting fresh energy.

Core brand elements, including teal color, Roo Head shape, and wordmark, remain untouched, forming the basis of the brand’s visual identity.

‘The Rooute,’ a dynamic graphic motif inspired by the teal journey line, revitalizes the brand’s visual identity.

The brand’s voice takes on a more playful tone, with typographic stickers inspired by the Roo Head’s eye shapes, adding a handcrafted touch.

A minimal teal color palette enhances food photography, highlighting Deliveroo’s primary offering.

Deliveroo’s brand evolution displays the importance of a well-thought-out brand identity. By staying true to core brand elements while infusing fresh ideas and perspectives, a company can revitalize its image, maintain its visual consistency, and engage with customers on a deeper level.

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