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Image from KFC Twitter account

KFC camouflaged as Ikea to launch new restaurant

KFC came up with an unusual way to get its latest restaurant opening noticed: it pretended to be Ikea.

The site of the new outlet is a commercial area in Majorca popularly known as ‘where IKEA is’. The fast-food brand decided to imitate the area’s most popular resident and erected a billboard that combines its initials with the Swedish retailer’s typography and colours. Beneath the fake KFC logo a line reads: ‘you know where to find us’.

KFC also took the campaign on to Twitter, with the Ikea social team using the opportunity to promote its iconic meatballs dish. The two continued to banter on Twitter generating +1 million impressions and 6,000 interactions.

When it comes to advertising stunts, KFC has become well known for its cheeky personality and tone of voice. Not only is it a fun inside joke for locals who are aware of the connection with Ikea’s location, but it’s also quite striking to see one brand borrow another’s branding – especially when this turns into playful interaction.

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