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Image credit: / Ikea

Ikea debuts a new meatball scented candle

Ikea Family is marking its 10th anniversary with an olfactory experience that includes the rollout of a special-edition Huvudroll candle, exclusively for loyalty-program members who wish to fill their homes with meat smells.

Twitter users have had mixed reactions to the news, with some people horrified by the idea.

This is not the first unusual food-scented candle that has been created in recent years. For example, in 2020, McDonald’s sold a pack of six scented candles, each smelling like a different Quarter Pounder ingredient.

Scent branding is about creating a signature scent that is uniquely associated with a brand. In the mind of customers that scent becomes an expression of the brand experience and personality. By appealing to their senses, customers make positive associations and are influenced in their buying process. Will a meat scented candle predispose customers to engage?

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