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Image Credit: Sprite

Sprite abandons its signature green bottles

Coca-Cola’s Sprite has announced its plan to abandon its signature green bottle that it has used for over 60 years.Although the plastic it’s made from is recyclable, any additives like colour make it very difficult to process.

“There is no value for green [plastic],” says Jan Dell, founder of environmental non-profit The Last Beach Cleanup. “No one wants green. Green is waste.”

While this is a major update for the brand, A.P. Chaney, director of creative strategy at Coca-Cola says that even iconic and historic brands must meet current demands.In North America, Coca-Cola aims to transition any of its brands that use green plastic.

While making such a drastic change might upset some customers, A.P. Chaney is not worried. “Consumers are startled by change sometimes, and we are prepared to hear our consumers discuss it. But we know this is the right way to move forward with the brand.” he says.

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