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Beauty giants team up to develop environmental impact scorecards

Major cosmetics brands including Unilever, Henkel, L’Oréal, LVMH and Natura & Co are forming a global beauty consortium to develop the first industry-wide environmental impact scoring system for beauty products.

The aim is to co-design a brand-agnostic approach that provides transparent, comparable and clear environmental impact information relating to product formula, product use and packaging.

The consortium will work with sustainability consultancy Quantis to ensure a robust and scientific approach is in place, and will develop a system based around four key principles: 1) a common methodology based on the EU’s Product Environmental Footprint principles; 2) a shared database; 3) a common tool to calculate environmental impact by product; 4) a harmonised scoring system.

The new assessment and scoring system are a positive step towards improved product transparency, ultimately supporting consumers demand for improved information that can help them make more sustainable shopping choices.

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