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Image Credit: ASDA

ASDA launches loyalty scheme nationwide

Asda is actually the last of the ‘big four’ major Uk supermarkets to roll out a loyalty scheme.

Asda Rewards is rolling out across 633 of its Uk stores and online, after having successful trials since august.Asda has created an app-based scheme, and already 1 million people have become members. So far users have earned a combined £4m for their cash pot Asda claims.

In the wake of the cost of living crisis in the UK, Asda says they know and understand how tough it is for families right now. Senior Director for loyalty Mark Baxter says “We’re incredibly excited to be able to give all our customers access to Asda Rewards across the UK so they can start to earn rewards and build their cash pot,.. it is great to be able to reward them for simply shopping with us”.

Asda’s decision to roll out its scheme follows the launch of its value range Just Essentials earlier this year. Asda said the loyalty scheme in addition to this range would “further strengthen” its position as the “lowest-priced” big four supermarkets. This positioning appears as an answer to the economic issues for millions of UK families.